EBlo Visual
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I am music producer who makes music for me and for commercial use. I can build music tailored for your project or idea. I am able to compose a number of different styles to fit the tone and feel of your short commercial or film. You can listen to some of my music HERE

Below is an outline of the process.



First lets meet and chat about your project, idea or brief and find out together what you are looking for. This part of the process can involve one meet or over multiple its entirely up to you this is your opportunity to give me all the information needed to then go and work on your music.



After we have got the brief down I will then go back to my studio and start working on some ideas for you. The first part of this process will be for me to share with you initial ideas and then for us both to decide what idea to pursue and work on to achieve the final piece. Of course this is an iterative process.

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I will meet with you to listen to the piece, 9 times out of 10 once we sit down and listen there are often adjustments and changes required in order to fulfil the original brief so it may mean another meet or call but once we then reach the final piece I will then master and mix it and deliver it to you.